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Water slides and floating toys
Mushrooms, waterslides, snakes and dragons…
A whole playground in water!
SPV Pools is an expert in installing waterslides and floating toys, regardless of the size, in cooperation with the greatest companies worlwide. We can satisfy your needs, ranging from a small structure in the pool of your yard to a whole amusement park, in a very short time.
One of the main advantages of the waterslides is that they are been constructed in a way that after along time they can easily be altered or modified. Combining the innovative design with the up-to-date technology, we provide variety, safeness, sanitation in the construction along with maintenance and cleaning of the waterslides. In addition, we are able to offer a site survey free of charge.

High standards jacuzzi
Aiming at the perfect harmony between structure and environment, SPV Pools constructs and supplies interior and exterior Jacuzzi baths for hotels, individuals and wellness centers. We take into consideration factors such as climatic conditions that impose roofs, the needs of your site and the location is going to be constructed or placed in order to assure its privacy. In SPV Pools we guarantee the ultimate enjoyment of your Jacuzzi.
We ensure the wellness that hydro-massage offers. At the end of a stressful day, you can unwind, alone or with company, in the hot water with the hydro-therapeutic jets that massage the whole body. High blood circulation which comes effortless relievesthe tired muscles, while being a perfect complement for thoe who exercise regularly. Hydro-therapy stimulates the release of endorphins that affect our wellness, and at the same time reduces the stress hormones.